4 best self-publishing companies you should know of

In the recent years, self-publishing has become an increasingly popular medium for aspiring as well as established writers. Although it demands a lot of creative effort and investment from the author, it comes with its own set of significant benefits such as complete autonomy over the editorial process and marketing activities. Self-publishing can come across a lot to handle for a single person and in all fairness, this concern is justified. The good news is that there are numerous self-publishing companies that ease some burden off the author by offering services that a regular publishing house provides but at a price.

Here are some best self-publishing companies you can consider for assisting with your first or next book release.

Lulu has emerged as one of the best self-publishing companies in just a short span of time. It has a wonderful team that is very responsive and offers much-deserved attention to every writer. Lulu has secured the record of publishing approximately 1000 brand-new titles every day. Likewise, it is one of the few publishers that not only takes care of the printing process and legal formalities but also gets you access to the finest editors and illustrators which saves both, time and money.

Book Baby
Finances can prove to be a big hiccup in the process of self-publishing, especially for new writers. If you are experiencing a similar situation, then Book Baby can be a great choice for publishing your manuscript at an affordable price. Furthermore, they offer additional services such as editing, cover design, distribution and publicity initiatives for the author. These services can be purchased individually or as a package.

Author House
If you are specifically intent to reach a wide audience for your book, then Author House can prove to be a reliable pick. They are known for marketing their books via major e-commerce players such as Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. Therefore, as an author you can be assured that your book will receive the right amount of exposure, encouraging sales. Apart from production, distribution, and marketing, they also render editorial services such as formatting, editing, and design.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
Kindle is one of the most widely recognized brands across countries. Publishing your book via KDP will definitely offer you a huge audience platform, as around 80% of the e-book sales occur through the Amazon’s marketplace and among these, an estimated 42% account for self-published titles. Moreover, once your book is up for sale on Amazon, you still have an opportunity to update the draft which is not an option with other self-publishing companies.