7 myths about herpes

Every disease has some or the other myth attached to it. While some of them might turn out to be true, most of them are not. Herpes might sound like a common health issue, but still, there are many misconceptions doing rounds among people. Here, we will bust a few myths about herpes. Keep reading.

Myth 1: Rashes caused by herpes are permanent
This statement is not true since the rashes do go away. Though rashes take some time to disappear, they dissipate eventually and are not a permanent symptom of this infection.

Myth 2: One can get herpes from a toilet seat
It is not true since the microbes that cause genital herpes cannot survive for too long outside the human body and that too on a surface like a toilet seat.

Myth 3: If your partner has herpes, they are promiscuous
This statement has no truth to it. It is very likely that your partner might be carrying the infection for a long time and that it has recently activated itself.

Myth 4: People with herpes cannot donate blood
People who have oral or genital herpes can definitely donate blood as long as they are not weak.

Myth 5: You cannot have sexual intercourse post-herpes
There are many ways to manage the outbreak, including protecting oneself from getting this infection. Herpes is not a permanent condition, and you can definitely have sexual intercourse after you have dealt with the infection or even during it, if it is safe.

Myth 6: You cannot get herpes from oral sex
You can definitely get oral herpes if you perform oral sex since the virus is easily transmitted through the saliva.

Myth 7: You will know it when you have herpes
A lot of people who suffer from herpes are unaware of their condition. Sometimes it may not even show any symptoms. The only way for you to know for sure is to get yourself tested for the same.

These above-mentioned myths have no truth to them, so when you hear any of these, it is better for you to disregard them and trust a doctor’s verdict and advice instead.